What is dissertation?

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The dissertation (from the Latin. Dissertation – research, reasoning) is a special, strictly defined form of a scientific work, which has a scientific qualification character, prepared for public defense and a degree.
In the Big Encyclopedic Dictionary, the following definition is given: “The thesis is a research paper prepared for public defense for a degree”
So, lets make it clear what is disseration, the following requirements are made for the dissertation:
1) scientific research is conducted personally by the author;
2) the thesis contains a set of new scientific results and regulations;
3) the dissertation has an internal unity;
4) the dissertation indicates the personal contribution of the applicant to the development of a scientific problem;
5) the new solutions proposed by the author are clearly outlined, reasoned and critically correlated with previously known scientific developments;
6) on the new author’s decisions are indicated informational sources testifying about this, showing information gathered from them.
7) the results of the dissertation research are submitted by the applicant for public defense.
The thesis is a special scientific work that has nothing to do with a lecture, a propaganda report, a report of an official or a public figure, or an informational message, or a popular science book. The thesis must be a genuinely scientific work, developing and enriching science in a particular branch of knowledge, the personal contribution of a scientist to science. Therefore, the author of the thesis must control himself so that he does not get lost in the “non-declarable” genre. Each type of work is vital but in a certain area.
The thesis is one of the most common types of scientific work. At the same time, this is a scientific work of a strictly defined genre, which, like any scientific or literary genre, has its own characteristics, rules, requirements. As a scientific work, the thesis should be logical, integral. The author must control himself in order not to stray into another genre.
The thesis is the work of one person, his personal contribution to science.
According to the documents, the thesis should be a scientific and qualification work, giving the scientific industry and science, in general, a certain increment of knowledge.