Do I need to write or write off?

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You cannot write off a dissertation because you have to know how to cite a dissertation. You can write off if you are lucky and you are not caught. If the supervisor doesn’t care if you write off or not, the reviewer of the thesis can see your attitude to the work and give you a bad mark.
References to the source of information are always needed. But if, when quoting directly, you need quotes and a link to the source with the page number, while indirect quoting you need only a link to the source.

How to make a quote out of the dissertation?

1. As a rule, a quote must be entered. For this purpose, introductory constructions of the type “L.V. Scherba noted, “as U. Weinreich showed,” “according to J. Lakoff,” etc. Specify the floor of the author. And pay attention to the word order: first initials, then last name. To quote without initials in the Russian academic tradition is considered to be overly familiar.

Open any scientific article or monograph and see how the author enters quotes. If you do not agree with the quote, do not forget to write about it, otherwise, the reader will not know about it. Yes, it is possible to disagree with the opinions of scientists (even the most famous ones), but in this case, you need to think through your arguments.

2. After the quotation, its source with a page is indicated in square brackets – for example, [1, c. 76]. 1 is the number of the article, book, etc. in the list of references.

How to automatically arrange digital bibliographic references?

If you decide to use digital links, you do not need to arrange them manually at the early stages of working on the text: when adding new items to the list of references, you will have to redo all links in the work. These boring mechanical manipulations will have to be done more than once during the work on the course and diploma. In MS Word, it is possible to do this automatically with the help of a hyperlink, the number of which will change with the change of the serial number of the quoted source in the list of references. In version 2007, this tool is called “Cross Reference”. Consider how to use it:

1. Do automatic numbering of positions in the list of references when citing a dissertation (I repeat: first comes the Cyrillic alphabet, then the Latin alphabet). Do not be lazy at the same time to use automatic sorting from A to Z.

2. In the right place, open the square brackets and find the Cross Reference item in the Links menu. Select the following parameters: link type – paragraph, insert a link to – paragraph number, insert as a hyperlink – check mark, for which paragraph – number of the desired source in the bibliography (click on the desired position) and click “insert”.